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What is Serving the People?

Serving the People (STP) is an organization building the future of creativity, collaboration, and communication. Guided by a network of creatives and technologists, STP aims to rebuild the infrastructure for cultural participation. By providing mentorship and support through our Foundation, STP aims to go beyond and bridge the digital with the real world.


Seeds is a collection of 10,000 NFTs created by Serving the People’s founder artist Lucien Smith. The primary purpose of Seeds is to support STP. Think of Seeds as STP’s membership and ID, each NFT is unique and unlocks access to the community. For more information visit the Seeds Page.

Our Vision

We believe creativity is at the center of everything we do and love. We know creators hold the key to a more promising future; It is our goal at STP to provide them with resources, support, and community.

We are currently building Platform, a decentralized web app that seeks to create a rewarding online experience with well thought out tooling and support. Platform will provide generations of creators with the infrastructure needed to build a better world.

Our Team

  • Lucien Smith - Founder, CEO - Artist, and Director of Cultural Innovation @ Lobus
  • Sam Grund - Head of Engineering - Senior Developer @ 1stDibs NFT
  • Munam Wasi - Operations Lead, Formerly @ Windranger labs and ConstitutionDAO
  • Ankit Bagchi - Product Engineer
  • Daniel De La Rosa - UI/UX Lead
  • Mia Manning - Community Manager, Production Coordinator
  • Ben Werther - Community Moderator - Artist
  • Dana Greenleaf - Community Moderator - Filmmaker


  • Alpha (Completed) Nov. 2021
    Initial Seed NFT crowdfund successfully raised desired amount led by leading musicians, creatives, and entrepreneurs.
  • Beta 1 (Currently) - Onboarding, Build UI/UX, Recurring Programming
    Onboarding “high value” beta users and contributors, finalizing design and workflows of Platform.
  • Beta - NFT Gating, Recurring Revenue, Urbit App,
    Community Scaling. Further allocation of Seeds NFTs, STP Urbit social app goes live.
  • Phase 1 - Platform Web App Live
    Account creation available to all Seed holders
  • Phase 2 -Social Token
    All Seeds NFTs allocated.
  • Phase 3 - Marketplace, Public Launch
    Allow Account creation to general public. Native marketplace goes live.